'ark/d, amorphic' is OUT!

"an uninterrupted journey of purely computer music, which moves through diverse sonic fields and eavesdrops on the darker aspects of contemporary human condition"

Deliberately in small initials, the title ark/d, amorphic alludes to a minority philosophy that seeks a world in the shadows of the spectacle and activates against the domination of the majority and the megalomania of post-objectification.

:bandcamp: lukaprincic.bandcamp.com/album

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

@luka hi, thanks for following and boosting our request, very appreciated! We're listening to ark​/​d, amorphic we'd love to learn more about how the cover picture was made. Its glitches look ambiguously both analog and digital and this is very interesting to us (as we use both new and old, both digital and analogic technologies)


@pixelflowers hi!

source material is a frame from a videotape (digital) of high heels with soft metal spikes, color inverted, and then pixelsorted.

glad you are enjoying it, much appreaciated!!

> high heels with soft metal spikes, color inverted, and then pixelsorted

that's...hot 😳

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