Two days of hard work resulted in quite successful execution of a streamed hybrid burlesque perfromance using owncast. almost 60 people seems to have left satisfied. it was an event with entrance fee although we also issued vouchers for free ticket. for every thing we used flos software, including ticketing ( owncast, Ubuntu machine & server, OBS, Carla, calf plugins, jackd, kdenlive, Ardour, mixxx...


thats awesome :D

both technologically, and burlesque theater-wise.

@luka intersting technological achievement, kind of an almost democratic approach to this, though, yeah, sure, one still needs a dedicated coder for this, no? Or clear me up about the coding skills needed.


coder? depends what you mean by that.

programing? no.

some editing of config files, running some commands in terminal (to install owncast into the server)? yeah, sure.

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