I've been looking at monitors and thinking about yamaha hs7's or mackie mr624's does anyone have any opinions on those, or something similar?


I have a pair of Yamaha hs7s and I am very pleased.


I know it wasn't much information, but I don't have any other monitors to compare with. I use these and a pair of Bayerdynamic DT990s for mixing / mastering.

@flavigula having heard quite a few tracks of yours made with them, makes up for the lack of detail. your mixes sound good to me. And, I think are of a broadly similar range to the sounds I make.


Thanks (regarding the mixes)!

Let me know your opinions if you end up getting them. Also of the Mackie. I have a pair of Mackie in ear monitors (I forgot to mention them) that are also amazing.


@flavigula @eid I've had soundonsound.com/reviews/macki for very long time (since 2003). one of them recently had to had all capacitors replaced. I also had mackie sub10 added about 5 years ago. they are quite good. If I manage to get a new space for the studio I'm thinking to move to ADAMs monitors. maybe the more expensive ones (A7X, handmade in germany), but the cheap ones (T7V or T8V, factory-made in china) seem to have raving reviews as well (youtube.com/results?search_que)

@luka @flavigula @eid i have pair of Yamaha HS5 and a JBL lsr310s sub, and i like that setup. i bought the speakers first and can attest there’s no low response on the HS5, they roll right off where the specs say they do and i had to get the sub right away to fill it in. not sure how the HS7 do in that respect but they might still need a sub(?)

other than that hard to compare as they’re the only ones I’ve owned but i now like them very much. took me a bit to get used to (continued)

@luka @flavigula @eid
they are louder than i need even the HS5- i never turn stuff up more than about a 3/4.

lastly, a pair of oddities - they have a slight hiss when on, only really audible when nothing is playing through them. does not bother me. not sure if that is a thing with all actives or just mine. and if i set my phone atop one or too near one, it can cause a bit of crackle, so like, that’s sorta weird but again doesn’t bother me, and i keep my phone away from them.

@june thanks for the detailed response. I think I lean towards something larger than 5" in the hope that I might avoid a subwoofer. Always an option in either case, I suppose.

@luka @flavigula

@luka @flavigula @eid Having to replace capacitors in mic pre and especially EQs is a very common and long known problem. I haven't done it myself yet, but working with 1604 down to 3 802 mixers i can only confirm, that within two yars after buying them they already sound much worse. Dusty, so to say.

@luka thanks. looking to switch on account of a larger room? or buying something new on account of the age of your existing monitors?


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