'ark/d, amorphic' is OUT!

"an uninterrupted journey of purely computer music, which moves through diverse sonic fields and eavesdrops on the darker aspects of contemporary human condition"

Deliberately in small initials, the title ark/d, amorphic alludes to a minority philosophy that seeks a world in the shadows of the spectacle and activates against the domination of the majority and the megalomania of post-objectification.

:bandcamp: lukaprincic.bandcamp.com/album

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

@luka very nice and impressive it all comes from one program
(was wondering if it could be spacialised in 4 to 8 speakers ... ? )


@Olm_e thank you for your response!

yes, it could be spacialised in 4 to 8 speakers. this year i have done two projects that featured 8 speaker setup in a rectangle form (4 + 4). but I have code for 8 speakers that enables to specify coordinates of speakers and then specify coordinates of intended source of sound:


this is not very sophisticated code, i warn you, but it adequatly serves a basic need.

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