In an effort to make a complete thread from n.1,

here are numbers



Hope to continue replying to each subsequent one....


started from "uh, I can put synths into an array with .fill!", and proceeded to create multi-saw-tooth-based drone with some dust and occasional noise. fun.




this is my attempt at crossfading from to something regular-ish, simply posting those little snippets and various experiments from Workspace.

So how should we call/tag it? I suggest (via FactMag)


:cc_cc: :cc_pd:

@noisevember @PatchNotes

@luka @noisevember


unsolicited commentary:
is it possible to vary the speed of the impulse? either gradually or (occasionally) abruptly

also maybe vary period of noise "cloud" running "behind" impulse

two independent (still related) rates of change would be more interesting to my ears
(no accounting for taste)

like moving scribble video
thank you

@luka @noisevember That was instructive.

Yesterday I was playing around with the distortion from the "Tour of UGens" at and it didn't quite occur to me that you could just stack them on top of each other to get the desired effect (well doh! this works with most things in SC ;) ).

@TauPan yes, can be fun chaining and summing but care is needed to know what's multiplied with what but parenthesis are usually what solves it.. I hope to expand this into more controllable synthdef


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