Live stream of two amazing sound acts, at the occasion of new release by 5-piece all-female noise group Kikimore. Warm up by Gašper Torkar. 20:00 CET at


just saw/heard you signing off (in slovene (?))

sorry i missed it (miscalculated time offset) ...

hope it went well ...

(will video be posted somewhere?)

@js0000 if we wouldn't have a server hickup at the end it would be online now! but, we have a recording and it will be uploaded in couple of days. it will be on the same server - will try to remember and let you know.


i will check, no need to remind me ...

please keep publicizing your streams, even though tech fails (🤬) a bit of the spirit gets through

it inspires me to enjoy music from other places, and i havev found goodness in any of the kamizdat stuff i have heard/streamed so far

keep up the good work!

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