It's release day! At we proudly present a pretty awesome electronic EP by Shekuza. OUT NOW -
:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

It's Kamizdat Rentgen time - day for live music - locally and via stream! Shekuza trio (modular+percusionista+visualista) + Terranigma (+ visualista) + Nulla

It's :bandcamp: Day! Labels/artists get 100% of what you pay (minus PayPal fees). Support independent musicmaking!

We are LIVE. Nulla DJ set first, then Shekuza Live, followed by Terranigma.

Have a electro Friday!

Also, it must not be forgotten that today's gig is also a corona-postponed presentation of Terranigma's HydroZone EP from March


Your stream cut out at just after 4 hours. Very good set at the three to four hour mark, proper electro. I'm really happy to hear some old tracks in there, EMS and DJ Dijital, good tunes that don't get talked about much.

It was a very electro Friday.

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