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I was thrown really off-centre today, after receiving reply from a mastering engineer I wanted to try. He wrote me that one of the tracks is problematic because it has no bass apart from overpowering sub every bar and he wouldn't take on mastering as the mix has no "fullness".

Then I want back to find 'fullness' in the track and then the sound just goes crazy and chaotic in the low end, and it's all over the place and I got really annoyed and stressed.

mixing, mastering, annoyance 

The thing is, apart from pulling back the 'overpowering sub every bar' a bit, I can do two things - release all the sub-50hz content from the bassline, even boosting it, or (and?) adding addintional sub to the kick octave lower (now it's at 60Hz, so 30Hz?). or at least lift a bit of sub50hz content of the kick with the EQ. if I do both (kick and bassline), it seems totally too much. that kick is pretty dense., so I'm afraid it will too much.

@openmastering thoughts?

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mixing, mastering, annoyance 

@luka reduce your sub, take care of ur bass (60-120hz). Don't go as low as 30Hz as hardly an system can play this properly (the film industry made use of the sub35Hz band in order to make people feel the "catastrophe", but it's a bad idea for music.
Sub band uses too much headroom and doesn't bring fullness. Choose which of the kick or bass should be upfront and duck the other
Listen on earbuds and achieve a mix which feels OK. (no sub on earbuds, just "bass")

mixing, mastering, annoyance 

@openmastering thank you for this. Will work on it on Friday, also ask another musician for opinion and see what i can do.

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