"I hate the idea that you ever kinda say to someone 'That's mine!' What you're doing is you're holding back the growth of the culture ... and you don't have any control of that ... you just gotta get excited and enjoy the fact that you inspired people and you just have to keep leveling up in some way" --Reeps One

Some amazing beatbox performance from Trung bao and Chiwawa below!

50 Types Of Inward Drag ( Technique) | Trung bao & Chiwawa

@luka you're against CC-NC ? you don't mind beyonce ripping off anne teresa de keersmaeker ? you think trump should be free to co-opt neil young? /// it's not your quote, so i'm just trying to figure out if you have a wildly diverging position to mine.


it's complicated.

i'm actually for copyfarleft.

for some purposes NC is damaging, for some purposes BY-SA is not taking care of the author. the artistic capitalism is rigged anyway, but if I have to weight (and I do, everyday), I choose giving back to the commons instead of being afraid of being ripped off while taking away from others the ability to learn, study, reuse, remix. the case of beyonceVSanne teresa is not the good example. in the long term, the system must change.

@dcht00 at the core, my basic statement is, that intellectual property is per se damaging to the authors. copyright law was written and shaped by publishers. i don't believe it's what artists want as such.

(most) artists want audience, contemporaries, and food on the table and medicare for all. and most don't have this. the system is not geared towards this - it's a false promise that blinds everyone while publishers (and superstarts) stuff their pockets.

@dcht00 of course there are some entertainers (unfortunately today also called artists) who want power, money and fame. and they are the loudest when it comes to protecting the copyright law.

NC is problematic for the true and rich commons. but exploitation is here (look at Spotify) big time and must be fought against. artist must have full workers' rights, intellectual property should be more or less abolished, and taxes on profit should be exponentialy progressive and tax-havens criminalized.

@dcht00 here's what i'm talking about:

The peer production license is an example of the Copyfair type of license, in which only other commoners, cooperatives and nonprofits can share and re-use the material, but not commercial entities intent on making profit through the commons without explicit reciprocity. This fork on the original text of the Creative Commons non-commercial variant makes the PPL an explicitly anti-capitalist version of the CC-NC.




It only allows commercial exploitation by collectives in which the ownership of the means of production is in the hands of the value creators, and where any surplus is distributed equally among them (and not only into the hands of owners, shareholders or absentee speculators).


@luka @dcht00 really interesting! Been struggling for a while defining these issues, and this license looks very promising.

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