Happy Tuesday, my lovely Masto.ARTists!

Today I have the task of informing you all on some moderation policies we're going to be following in a much stricter sense from now on.

As we know, a very popular Free Open Source art software called the Gnu Image Manipulation Program exists, and its very popular acronym is also an ableist slur.

From now on, we're going to require that when referring to the program, folks use the full name, or the term "Gnu IMP/GnuIMP" instead of the popular acronym.

The Gnu IMP has been around for a very long time, and has long served as a very capable alternative to paid software for many artists and creatives.

However, none of that history excuses the use of an ableist slur as the popular acronym for the program. Our CoC disallows ableist slurs. Even if the slur is used to refer to the program, it doesn't change how damaging that slur has been to people in other contexts.

We have decided from now on to enforce our CoC and disallow the term on .ART.

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We understand this may be a difficult change for some folks, but we believe it will result in a safer and more supportive community for as many people as possible.

So from now on, please use either the full name: "Gnu Image Manipulation Program", the shortened form: "Gnu IMP", or at the very least, apply a descriptive Content Warning (CW) to any toots/images that contain the original acronym/slur.

Using the slur in any other context is still not permitted on our instance.

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In addition to :gnu_imp: Gnu IMP, there are many other alternative free open source art software out there:

:glimpse: @glimpse (Gnu IMP fork)
:krita: @Krita
:inkscape: @inkscape
:blender: @Blender

If you have any others to recommend, please let us know in the replies! :bob_ross:

Thank you once more for your understanding. Keep being awesome, .ARTists! :make_like_edmonia:

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