"Today, some 35 years after Stallman’s 4Fs, we can see that Free and Open Source Software is, in almost all conceivable ways, triumphant. It has won its struggles against Microsoft, it is the core of almost all smartphones, it lies at the heart of the networked world we all inhabit.
Amidst all this glory, however, there is something utterly broken about the FOSS world. In short, it is one-sided, devoid of economic rights, and an active agent in the oppression of us all."




"As a result of the underlying assumptions and conceptions of the FOSS movement, there is no methodology to require the sharing of changes and improvments with the commons. The entire focus of the FOSS movement is specifically geared towards individual rights, the focus of the Open-Source movement is on ensuring that coporations can freely take the product of individual labour and profit from it."

Very interesting article, thanks for sharing!

@luka you're welcome. Unfortunately I found this through Mastodon and bookmarked it on Firefox a while ago but forgot who shared it, otherwise I'd be tagging them too.

@ephemeral @luka during the last CCC in leipzig I got into an argument with a fella from athens hackerspace, who was convinced that free software and open source is the same thing, just the name changed. I wonder how often people think that's true.

@mara @luka

Probably often. Unless you are involved in this area, or have a reason to take a big interest, I'd expect that people are mostly unaware.

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