- really happy with new . package has updated and so here it is. looking forward to explore the 'channel' functionality soon.

- also I again am playing with demo, and considering actually buying it. it's so packed with everything and works pretty nicely on linux - the main put-off is the piano roll - being a -ista I have a automatic cringe reponse to it :D

You don't like piano rolls generally? :D

I also have Bitwig and I really love the workflow. Automations are much fun. What is maybe missing is a chord/scale help. Even LMMS has some 😂
But I like experimenting more anyways

@listentofas I've been exposed to computer music via music trackers and it's just my base and I like the workflow and keyboard-centric approach. But I've used many daws during the years (Reason, Sonar, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic..) but I settled on Renoise tracker about 10y ago also because it was available for Linux. Bitwig seems like next-gen thing and I've been testing it for few years now and I'm quite tempted to actually buy it, despite being proprietary (oh, the heresy!)

I see! That's quite some daws. I only used trackers to listen to music, not really to make music. I was used to the piano roll by lmms 😂
Never knew the tracker input is keyboard centric, that wants me want to look into it once more.
Reason is proprietary too, but I can understand your heresy 😄
There can be long discussions about music making on Linux. Yet, Bitwig has the most "Bang" for me - still I like lmms and I am very creative with it, but it alone does not get me far enough

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