I can't believe I managed to install an ancient gstreamer v1.8 from xenial (16.4LTS) ubuntu on a bionic distro, just in order for video to work in !!!!

(using glvideo library, which was orphaned)

I did loose LibreOffice on the way, and will most probably have to reinstall the system at some point. almost 5-y downgrade, oh my!

@luka yikes! What was going on that caused this? Video has worked for me a few months ago, but it did do something weird to the soubd

@celesteh gstreamer on the system needs to be the same version than the version glvideo library was compiled with. the one that comes with Processing is 1.8. That version of gstreamer is only available on xenial. :(

I was unable to figure out how to compile the library with newer gstreamer (tried with canibalized version of the script

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