please help me find the name of the movie - it's an old and a bit obscure low budget sci-fi and features two men in space and they have a dialogue:

A: Do you think there's real intelligent life out there?

<long pause>

B: ............ who cares.

It was sampled by Meat Beat Manifesto

@luka Almost certainly Dark Star. I don't know that line in particular, but that's the right sentiment.

@bootjack I also found the Meat Beat Manifesto track that features that sample - "I Am Organic"

@luka @bootjack Ah, I was going to suggest Dark Star --- I'm glad someone beat me to it!

🎶 Benson, Arizona / My body flies the galaxies, my heart longs to be there 🎶

@luka "And let's pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space.
'cus there's begger all down here on earth!"

The Universe Song, Monty Python's Meaning of Life

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