Starting the stream at

It's an all-nighter from a small lesbian Ljubljana club Monokel. We'll be rocking electronic beats till 5am CET.


number of copyright claims on the stream caused it to be interrupted and muted. This is new. Ok, bye bye YT regarding video streaming of dj sets. Back to diy self-hosted solutions. (our icecast server with opus/ogg works and was used already anyway). Yesterday's set was not that different from April one so not much is lost. Move on.

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Install Peertube on Yunohost works great! YT is terrible for the creative too much bullshit with those guys.

@g_love @luka PeerTube allows no video streaming, only upload. OP was talking about a live stream.

@unfa i think @g_love was refering to diy solutions to which i hinted. yeah I'm waiting for a solution like YT stream, but at the same time - what is the price of convenience?

@luka @g_love I don't think YouTube can be blamed for all this. The entire copyright law system is skewed. And who benefits the most? Distributors, not artists. Distributors have the money to lobby for law changes. Just like Disney is successfully lobbying to change the copyright law so they never loose the Mickey Mouse IP. YouTube is forced to abide that - they became responsible for what their users publish - so they have to screen it, or they'll be punished by 3rd parties. Or am I wrong?

@unfa @luka - It's a fair statement, ASCAP is truly the root of all evil imo. But with so much wrong doing it's easier to blame YT. :-) I feel the industry still hasn't gotten it right to be honest. But Bandcamp is sure close!

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