Installed a open source reader on my new testing installation of and now slowly and carefully transferring feeds from reader...

I already installed a instance, (v15 tho 😑 ) and

cc @funkwhale @wallabag @nextcloud @yunohost

@luka That's awesome!! :) whats your experience with @funkwhale like?
I also run @wallabag and @nextcloud at home! selfhosting is excellent 😄

Love Yunohost and their problem free plume install! XMPP install out of the box is great. So much good conversation in multi user groups. Much move advanced than freedombox. But in fairness freedombox is a slightly different audience. #selfhost

@luka Been using FreshRSS for a bit. I like it, on the whole. It's definitely gotten more useful since I started using filters.

@lrhodes i think one's own rss feeds need careful curation, either what is added, in which folder it is added, how it's tagged, and so on.

I really like the option to disable displaying articles from some feeds in general/home timeline - it's crucial to now drown sporadic blog posts (weekly, monthly) with those feeds that produce multiple posts per day...

I will look into filters - how do you use them?

@luka Here are the instructions from the Fresh RSS documentation:

Basically, click on Subscription Management, open the settings for the feed you want to filter, then type your filters into the field at the bottom. inurl and intitle seem to be the most useful.

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