OK, let's try to make this happen (again).

Enter THE POLL'S DILEMMA 2: Pareto Edition!

You can:

- vote
- boost
- reply with strategy and overview of the situation
- wait 7 days to see the results

@entreprecariat can someone fluent in statistics calculate how many single votes for 80 we need based on 101 votes so far?

@luka, here's an overview

101 votes

72% to 80%
28% to 20%

which means:

73 votes to 80%
29 votes to 20%

If I get it correctly, we currently need a minimum of 145 votes in total. 116 must go to 80%, so we need 43 more!


@entreprecariat with 112 votes and 29% of them gone to 20 am I correct that we need 18-19 votes for 80 to achieve 80%?

@luka yes, I guess it is wrong, because in that case the 20% of 140 would be 26, which was already surpassed :(

@luka this poll thing is kinda good to refresh a bit of math!

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