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Want to make an album with this A500+, possibly also using the other A500 I have in the cupboard synced via MIDI.

The E key is broken.


it's now dead.it spontaneously reset, then crashed after boot with a software failure message (red box flashing on back background with hex codes in side), clicking the mouse button to reboot then popped up the screen attached, and now (even after unplugging everything including the internal RAM expansion) on power on it just displays a black screen (signal is present) and the power light, but nothing happening, no "insert disk" screen, no clicking drive, nothing

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The older A500 works at least, though only having Workbench 1.3 and 1MB RAM is painful. I played a bit with OctaMED Pro v4 from a magazine coverdisk. Can't seem to find its tracker hex command reference online. I should dig out my OctaMED Sound Studio CD-ROM to find the guide.

Also played some games: The Chaos Engine (Bitmap Brothers) (boxed with manual), Project X (Team 17), Rainbow Islands (Taito), Zeewolf (Binary Asylum) (boxed with manual), and seeing it is the season a little Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (Virgin Games) (with manual from a Beau Jolly 3-game compilation).

Didn't get very far in any of them though. At least in the snooker I can blame a glitch - a ball was floating in mid air outside the table, completely impossible to hit. And it was my shot and I had to hit it, it was the last red...

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@mathr wow , one of the first music trackers, a great great granddaddy of !

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