If you are a musician or sound artist and you urgently need 'native' support for audio uploads on mastodon, you can (and please do!) vote (thumbs up) or ideally write a short comment on the issue on github: "Allow users to post audio files #4827"

It looks like support is almost there but still not really implemented. Votes for this can raise the priority of this much needed feature.


(please boost!)

what would you think about uploading music to @funkwhale and then link it to mastodon?

It's an plattform dedicated to musik and has #ActivityPub integrated.


@paulfree14 @funkwhale

I find funkwhale awesome for collections of albums and singles, maybe podcasts, etc - so, essentially stuff that is released to the public in its final form.

Attaching audio to a microblog post feels like it offers space to publish drafts and sketches apart from more finished pieces. I find that "incompatible" with Funkwhale.

@luka @paulfree14 @funkwhale Please not that, when audio federation will come to Funkwhale, which is not the case, it probably won't be displayed in Mastodon at least audio support is added so…

@luka @paulfree14 I tend to agree with you, Mastodon or other micro-blogging tools are currently more adapted to the content you describe.

It will likely be easier to publish this kind of content on Funkwhale when we support a YouTube-like channels system, but it's still different and complementary to attaching audio on a microblogging post :)

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