Sound Noise Music mastodon instance.

We welcome active musicians, songwriters, algorave livecoders, digital signal processing hackers, bedroom producers, writers of choral music, under-the-radar music selectors, exotic instrument explorers...

We'd like to stay easy and modest in numbers, hope for a quality local timeline and network with high S/N ratio.

Read our CoC first

then get in touch if you're interested joining our club.

@luka Is there a way of "subscribing" or "viewing" the "latest" or "some semblance of some form of latest" toots from this instance without subscribing?

I am interested in occasional interjections of awesome, but need a method of 'managing' my timeline that is less... um...

I want to be able to occasionally view the awesome, rather than inundate it with commentary that may be disruptive.



there are ways:



- use app on mobile, add at least one mastodon account and then on left bottom corner you can add instances local timelines you want to browse.


- our frontpage now features our local timeline.

@luka Excellent, thank you.

I had checked the frontpage yesterday and hadn't seen it. The unmung portion looks QUITE usable, and not just for this, but another case of mine...

I'll work with this until I have time to work on my own tin/trn newsreader type view for Mastadon. I'll also use your instance as a use case for it, as it will be mainly console (terminal) based, and I'll need to have some method of easily allowing audio from toots.


yes I have added that local timeline on the front when I saw your toot to me.

audio upoload is unfortunately still not supported, so all you'll have at the moment are mp4 files probably.

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