Released this a couple weeks ago but have been too busy to post it on here. So... Here it is.

The amazing Martin Boudreau on drums once again!

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"Caprice is integral to the composition process."

--Curtis Roads

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I must say that I'm very happy with our local timeline. Thanks everyone on who is posting and making it a cosy safe and kind space. Let's stay excellent to each other (it almost goes without saying) and keep on sharing your sonic musical noisy adventures!


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Didn't know there was a video for this song.
Tim Hecker - Black Refraction

Me and my band mates attempted a prog/math rock version of Carol of the Bells.

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Hi I'm aladar and I'm a Behringer corporate whore

I have been listening to this album a lot lately. Usually after a long day. Very calming.

A bunch of buddies of mine, got together to cover Ed Sheeran's I see fire. Think it's an interesting take on an already amazing song.

New Ep released today, Nova Ember.
Any feedback would be appreciated. :)

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Found this video the other day and did it ever hit it home with me. Sometimes letting yourself go and just creating something on autopilot can be very lethargic and often the result can catch me off guard. Doesn't really matter what medium, alone or even with a group.

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Our new album is finally finished!

With us, you can journey through a fogscape of shifting modal textures punctuated with melodies that transform though myriad hues until you reach ultimate oblivion.

Fun, right?

I hope you enjoy!


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