Chord notation question... What is meant with this: "Notate the following chords in the indicated direction: m4/3 [downward arrow, next to an F#]

@kf it's been a while but I'm pretty sure it wants a 3rd in the bass

@mxmxyz thanks, that's my guess too... Guess I'll find out when I submit the assignment...


@mxmxyz OK, asked the teacher:
the numbers refer to the inversion of the chord as follows:

7 – root position seventh chord
6/5 – first inversion seventh chord
4/3 – second inversion seventh chord
2 – third inversion seventh chord

the letters/symbols refer to the quality of the chord:
M – major
m – minor
V – dominant
o – diminished
ø – half-diminished

Easy-peasy, I guess???

@kf @mxmxyz seems like a jazzer's intro to figured bass lol. I'd check out the baroque figured bass it's based on (it's directly related to the counterpoint stuff and might help bridge the two worlds a bit)

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