Hot tip for increasing your joint mobility in a short time: ditch the chair. Sit on the floor instead. This simple hack will drastically increase the range of motion in your ankles, knees, and hips. No amount of ergonomic chair will beat squatting down and getting up many times a day.


Are you squatting, cross legged or lotus / half-lotus? And I'm assuming you have a low desk for working as placing the keyboard on the floor would be hell on the curvature of your back.

That being said, it's a good idea.

@flavigula one of the main benefits of being on the floor is that you automatically keep changing positions, so basically running through all of the above positions and then some. The body wasn’t designed for staying in the same pose for a long time... desk-wise I’m still looking for a solution. We have a low table in the living room that works fine for lap-topping, but my main work desk is still regular height. Might have to break out the saw soon :-)

@flavigula @kf Thanks. This is especially useful info for me as recently I've had trouble with Psoas muscle and Sciatica.

@tim @flavigula ah, those guys... squats are very good for those cases. In general I would always recommend listening to the body. Lie down if it hurts. Don’t try to power through the pain. Just keep changing positions until you find something comfortable. Then move on...

@kf simple and obvious. Going to try this for the next week.

@kf Thanks for the tips. I'll add squatting to a couple of other exercises our Osteopath friend gave me - basically spinal twist and hip opening.

@tim cool! Good luck. And do try to find ways of integrating this into your daily life! Much more sustainable that way...

@tim oh, and one more thing in the sustainability category: make the floor a nice place to be :-) Pillows, blankets, creature comforts of all kinds...

@kf Thanks. That's highly desirable, but I live in an apartment with a family of 4 and it's impractical at the moment. I completely get what you mean though. I have a 'corner' which is allocated specifically for meditation. 😀
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