Resisting identification: Instead of saying "I am Norwegian", say "I was born in Norway". Instead of saying "I am an artist", say "I make art". Paring down essentialism to one thing only: "I am".

@kf Interesting thoughts. May I ask why you resist identification?

@aujawindar For me it has a lot to do with creating small pockets of freedom in my life and (more importantly) with how I see others. By identifying someone as label x, I effectively reduce the terrain to an arbitrary map...

@kf I understand how identification may limit how we see others. For me, however, I see no limitation by saying eg. "I am Norwegian". I acknowledge and accept the positive and negative connotations of the statement. After all, an identification statement like that only affects how others see me. It doesn't alter my image of myself.

@aujawindar True that! More interesting is how we perceive others. This, I think, is the main point: increasing my perceptual resolution, so that I don't fall into easy categorization of the other. Labeling is tightly linked to power. And one should always be suspicious of power.

@kf So, if I understand you correctly, you are wary of categorisation or group identification because you want to percieve the other more openly. That is a laudable intention, although we are of course never completely free of prejudice and grouping.

@js0000 why did I just hear the ghost of Pearl Jam swooshing through the room? 😄

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