I’ve owned a leather man multi tool for 25 years now. Same tool. Works flawlessly. What would the works look like if the same could be said for computers...?

@Elegantly Organized Complexity We'd still be running 66MHz pentiums with 4-8MB or RAM and running OS/2 Warp or Windows NT (the hip ones would be using BeOS). We would still have CRT monitors sporting a whooping 1024*768 resolution in 256 colours at 60 fps refresh rate. And a 250MB hard disk would be plenty for most people. We'd still have Zip drives!

All this power would mostly be used to play solitaire and surf the information superhighway!

@harald I used BeOS! Ha ha! First mention of that for a few decades :)

@Eivind @Steinar Then you will probably like this trip down memory lane too: :)

I still remember how impressive this was for it's time.
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