a question for musicians: is it better to practice inside an apartment building where people might hear you or outside where people might hear you?

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Required reading for every dog owner. Even ones in Seattle. questionablecontent.net/view.p

(Guess what I just saw happen in Volunteer Park.)

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If you know absolutely nothing about music theory, this video does a pretty good job explaining everything from the very beginning to the notion of chords: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eKTOMhpy2w

also im gonna be making trumpet videos showing my progress/songs that im working on and im really excited about that!!! They'll be on youtube and peertube

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after 3 years of not playing it, I've decided to pick up the trumpet again!! I'm so hyped this is gonna be cool

I feel somewhat conflicted. On one hand, I want to run. I don't feel safe here in the United States of America. On the other hand, I want to stay and fight. As much as I hate it, this is still my country. Being American has influenced me and my personality in ways that cannot possibly be undone.

I'm scared right now. I'm terrified. And I feel justified in that fear! There's a lot to be scared about right now. But I need to give myself credit; I'm /doing/ something with that fear. I'm not just sitting back and letting myself be afraid. I'm fighting back. Life is hard right now, but I am a badass.

now that I have no choice but to stay at home maybe I'll finally start practicing 40 hrs a day

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COVID-19 to read. Important article 

There are lots of facts here and very VERY sensible advice.

Please do feel free to boost. Those of us who are healthy can help.

#COVID19 #corona

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ableism PSA 

Reminder that using "blind" when you mean "willfully ignorant" is ableist. Blind people may not be able to literally see, but they can and do still gather information about the world around them.

An example: you don't need to see the sun to know it is shining -- you might feel the warmth of it on your skin.

Just use ignorant, if that's what you mean.

(I used to mess this one up all the time. I'm working on being better. You can, too.)

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Ignorant egoistic people with 2 carts shopping at the supermarket. Leave some for everybody. Think of others before yourself.

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Does anyone know of a website that lists ableist language, and suggested alternatives?


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That *said*.

I also hold an extreme prejudice against the idea that optimism is inherently "dumb" and pessimism is "smart" or "realistic" or "practical".

So here's a little exercise. I want you to stop posting, reposting, or indulging in any kind of post, statement, or whatever that's inherently nihilistic.

I don't mean avoid posting about real problems with consequences. I mean blanket statements like "we're all doomed".

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