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longish jam on a new case i put together:

mostly just learning it, exploring, looking for sweet spots and groove

this case is really _fun_ - - the odessa is so gorgeous a sound source

first project of this new year is setting things up. just moved and now have a finished basement to hold stuff. so much more space.

it’s quite an echo-y cave right now; longer term project is sound treatment (given our skill at woodwork is ‘once made a birdhouse (badly) in shop class [redacted] years ago’, that will probably be interesting...)

really enjoying loopop's new series where he sends questions and musicians talk about their setups. so far he's done two - the first was burg and the most recent one i watched this morning, is with martin stürtzer:

pretty neat choice for the two; they both make polished melodic techno-ish music with a lot of hardware, but burg has like no computer as part of it, and stürtzer has a computer at the heart of it...

this is neat, i like getting a peek behind the curtain...

new bleep and basssss...

(pls to excuse the paint on my hands, am in the middle of painting
^__^ )

I’m starting to get a bit better with the near / far placement using combos of reverb, eq, and stereo width restrictions, but i still am at a loss as to how to move things up/down. like how can i sit mid-basses low and push other stuff high and wide. anyone have tips or their favorite tricks for this sorta thing?

hi folx!

new to sonomu and hoping to have a place to post jams, and chat about music and music production - i will maybe do some kind of proper intro later, but for now: i'm a genderqueer they/them and i make mostly downtempo bleeps, with a mostly hardware setup.

here is a jam i'm working on this weekend:


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