I’m starting to get a bit better with the near / far placement using combos of reverb, eq, and stereo width restrictions, but i still am at a loss as to how to move things up/down. like how can i sit mid-basses low and push other stuff high and wide. anyone have tips or their favorite tricks for this sorta thing?

@june Haven't done these kind of things in a while, but the high/wide thingy can be accomplished with a little eq bump in the 10k region plus a small delay on one channel of a stereo image for stereo widening. Conversely, make sure the bass is properly high-cut AS WELL AS lo-cut (this is the counter-intuitive bit), not colliding with fx kick, and making sure it sits fully in the middle of the mix, no stereo widening stuff here. Nor would I add much of reverb or anything like that to a bass.

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