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hi folx!

new to sonomu and hoping to have a place to post jams, and chat about music and music production - i will maybe do some kind of proper intro later, but for now: i'm a genderqueer they/them and i make mostly downtempo bleeps, with a mostly hardware setup.

here is a jam i'm working on this weekend:

more patching with the new "oscillator" (the industrial music electronics' piston honda mk3) - this thing makes some neeeat sounds. - here going into qpas stereo filter and 4ms tapo delay

(erm, this has some transients, not that well level-balanced, probably don't turn up too loud)

morning tinkering:

(mix is not the best, i just recorded to 2ch, and lots of stuff is on top of itself, but there are some neat tones/ideas in it that could be refined)

did some noodling this morning... some eurorack, some argon8, and experimenting with the combo of digitone's arp + conditional trigs, which is a pretty fun way to sequence - it is more of the 'find-and-scult happy accidents' and less of the 'put in exact notes you want' ... i like the former better (probably bc i am a terrible composer, and when i try to put notes in, it always sounds tired and trite).

only thing i wish was that the arp params could be midi cc modified, that would be gold

colored lighting 

fancy lights bulbs.
i thought this was gonna be a gimmick and maybe it is, but being able to just like, swipe on your phone and change the atmosphere in the room is actually amazing

i made a patch for argon8 today and i love it... this is the first patch i've made since i got an expression pedal, and like wow... the combo of this synth with aftertouch + expr pedal + the xy-stick.... this is a gorgeously expressive machine

it's harder to play than a rack though - so much switching tracks and control sections...

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am on mini-vacation this weekend, up at a little cabin... brought only these two... trying to get better at using digitakt for more than just drums

super happy with how some of the samples are playing - - i made these using serum - they're like 5 second ramps through increasing harmonics (by ramping through wavetables) then in takt can do things like set the lfo to adjust the sample start time, and it's similar to scanning through wavetable or going through a wavefolder

more melodic jam this morning, but same ideas and about half the same patches as last time - odessacase in sorta drone mode, the other case set up around plaits in fm mode

hmm i think i can get it repaired local, there is even a local shop that does jbl-authorized warranty repair, so maybe this is not gonna be so bad (i hope)

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darn, my subwoofer just emitted a very un-subwoofery sound - a sort of very treble rising crescendo fizzzzz... the sort of sound one can imagine a poor component makes as it burns to ash. no magic smoke escaped, but its good and dead now =(

i have had a bad run with hardware lately, feels like a lot of things in and out of repair... up to now it's only cost me shipping, but i don't think i'm going to be able to ship a subwoofer back to manufacturer...

odessa plays guitar *

* no guitars were harmed in the making of this film. hecc, no guitars were even used

💙 rené 💙
(has a few messups in it, but overall happy)

soldering weekend projects success: another attenuverter, and quad balanced outs. also swapped the knobs out on the attenuverters from the standard ones that come with the befaco kits and i like these much more. the quad balanced out is by barton musical circuits

also, weirdly, when doing this, quadra 3 triggers on every rising edge of the OR env but also on the end of cycle!, so you can get all kindsa weird stuff happening - - i wasn't sure of this until i filmed it in slow motion with my phone and saw it ^__^

... this is the sort of accidental stuff i love about modular, like no on in their right mind would sit down and design something this way, but then when you actually have it, you get so many happy accidents

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this is my fav bit of quadra: self patch the 1+2 OR env out as a trigger into 3. but the 3 trigger will only fire after the 1+2 OR env has completely decayed and comes back again, otherwise quadra doesn't detect a trigger. so there is a cool interplay between the decay time in 1+2 and whether or not 3 triggers at all - keep decay up and it will never trigger, put decay low and it'll trigger every OR. balance it somewhere in between, and it will trigger sometimes.

ahhhhh i think this is pretty cool, thonk carrying sound semiconductor ICs; VCOs, VCAs, VCFs onna chip, mostly smd:

good building blocks if you wanted to make something more complicated...

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