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hi folx!

new to sonomu and hoping to have a place to post jams, and chat about music and music production - i will maybe do some kind of proper intro later, but for now: i'm a genderqueer they/them and i make mostly downtempo bleeps, with a mostly hardware setup.

here is a jam i'm working on this weekend:

small sparkles
, learning a new case / instrument

experiments for dark rainy nights...

... stars of the show are xaoc odessa, planar2+quadra, mimeophon, and a little help from rené and digitone

bleeeeps... this started as a generative thing and then just sorta grew from there...

@luka and others that use linux: i have a linux now . actually i’ve had a linux off and on for years so i know some basics, but i’ve never tried to use it for audio, and for that part i don’t know what i am doing… do you have any recommendations on places to start / resources to check out for setting up the audio bits of linux?

recently got a midi merger and it’s for sure in my list of under-appreciated-but-actually-awesome studio tech. makes it so i can record midi, including any cc or automation, by playing the actual synths themselves... instead of having to always use a separate controller and try to remember mappings, etc... probably only relevant for hardware setups but it really helps make things more immediate. def one of those ‘why did i wait until now?’ bits of kit

i make some electro for breakfast this morning...

anyone play with faust before? my lichy will run it, so i have been looking through some tutorials / docs. it looks unholy... as if R and c++ somehow managed to have an obfuscate child and then decided to raise it by only letting it watch the puredata tv station. but it seems like one could do a lot in it, once you wrapped your brain around it

by their own account it is very performant, interested, bc i filled up lichy's processor without too much effort last night...

honestly, it feels hecking amazing... to have access to the entirety of something like puredata, but running on a module, with cv ins/outs, not to mention it'll take midi through the usb B as well...

next up i want to make some filters with it, linked and stereo things, and morphing shelves, and combs, and all the stuff that's pretty hard or impossible in analog, and send the piston honda through it...

or maybe some weird fm things... it's pretty flipping sweet

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first patch with little lichy!

so what is cool about this: this is a collaboration between befaco and rebel tehcnologies, and under the hood is the rebel tech owl platform (there's an arm cortext chip under the hood), which runs faust, c, pd, some other stuff - this is running a pure data patch i made... it is not that complicated a patch, just three cv-controlled sine generators (actually their first tutorial), but it was so fast to make and load onto the device, like 20 min from start to play

noodling around with some loops... (argon8 is off screen, but also in patch)

recently been enjoying sound design a bunch, have been attempting to make at least a patch a day or more (in either hardware or ableton - in hardware, mostly gravitating to argon8 and in ableton, it’s always something in an instrument rack that’s sample-based). partly driven by feeling like i want a wider palette of my own i can easily grab from. sometimes i’ll take a preset patch i like in one piece of kit and try to remake it in another, which turns out to be really good way of learning

more patching with the new "oscillator" (the industrial music electronics' piston honda mk3) - this thing makes some neeeat sounds. - here going into qpas stereo filter and 4ms tapo delay

(erm, this has some transients, not that well level-balanced, probably don't turn up too loud)

morning tinkering:

(mix is not the best, i just recorded to 2ch, and lots of stuff is on top of itself, but there are some neat tones/ideas in it that could be refined)

did some noodling this morning... some eurorack, some argon8, and experimenting with the combo of digitone's arp + conditional trigs, which is a pretty fun way to sequence - it is more of the 'find-and-scult happy accidents' and less of the 'put in exact notes you want' ... i like the former better (probably bc i am a terrible composer, and when i try to put notes in, it always sounds tired and trite).

only thing i wish was that the arp params could be midi cc modified, that would be gold

colored lighting 

fancy lights bulbs.
i thought this was gonna be a gimmick and maybe it is, but being able to just like, swipe on your phone and change the atmosphere in the room is actually amazing

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