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hi folx!

new to sonomu and hoping to have a place to post jams, and chat about music and music production - i will maybe do some kind of proper intro later, but for now: i'm a genderqueer they/them and i make mostly downtempo bleeps, with a mostly hardware setup.

here is a jam i'm working on this weekend:

i love additive synthesis so much, it sounds so delightfully weird...

this is also more fun with two rippleses, now using them as a 'stereo filter', controlling both with the attenuverter in the middle. and a whole lotta modulation going into odessa, and a lotta envelopes out of quadra(x)

i recently got a second ripples... so now i have the new version and the old version (i kept looking at dual filters thinking i wanted to get one,,, but like they all seemed to not be as flexible as i wanted... and i already had one ripples and i love it, so figured, ... why not just get another one, the new one ^__^

turns out two of them together is a lot of fun ^__^

… it’s like having a complex oscillator, … but made out of filters! 💙

not too long ago got a mpc live 2 (or mcp as i keep calling it , yes, tron reference ^__^ ) - have been slowly learning it. last night made a mono patch around odessa, played it for a bit, then set mcp to auto-sample it, and now it’s a poly instrument that i can play on pads (also is saved as a preset so i can call it up when patch is long gone). this is some pretty amazing sorcery

finally carved out some time to be with the synthesizers, noodling away on some synthewave-y techno-ish stuff

hi! apologies, been mostly absent lately… been doing a lot of patching… but most of it has been the drywall variety, not so much of the synthesizer variety…

messing with quadra cycling at audio rates - one channel as sound source, one as FM modulator through a filter, and the others as envelopes - maybe don't play too loud, gets a bit screechy here and there

got audio interface and jack working on little arch nucci last night, yays

from this morning: more of my own personal teletype studies as i learn to use it... this time to generate chords for Hel+Odessa to play, with a bunch of modulation and effects piled on top.

teletype with 4 cv out plays nice with hel+odessa with up to 5 cv in for chord notes...

: had a weird idea to try: "can i make a patch that acts/sounds like there's a delay but doesn't actually have one" - - pretty happy with it, maybe for technical reasons more than musical... but that was lots of fun with teletype, akemie's A&B outs, pam, s&h, and the lrmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmslr.

stereo placement is super weird, as one of the voices goes direct into the mid input and the other goes direct into the side input of the lrmsmsmsmlr

(audio cw: contains some sharp transients)

cw: strobing/flashing visuals 

friday night,, make some trance..

been working on some pd stuff to talk to hardware gear... have gotten to where i can listen for transport / midi clock from the leader, sync LFOs (or not), and transmit the LFO output as midi CC to hardware ... i have a lot more plans for this, making sequencer(s) and sending envelopes and other stuff as CC... its pretty fun. with an aim of making music thats a bit more experimental... trying to get away from such structured, gridded 4/4 all the time

pretty fun so far:

small sparkles
, learning a new case / instrument

experiments for dark rainy nights...

... stars of the show are xaoc odessa, planar2+quadra, mimeophon, and a little help from rené and digitone

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