pinephone tech support, :boost_ok:​ 

Anyone else have this issue that their #pinephone isn't charging properly, even over night? When trying to turn it on it buzzes it's buzzer, shows the OS logo (postmarketOS in this case), then runs out of power (?) and crashes

re: pinephone tech support, :boost_ok:​ 

update: using a usb A to C cable with the most generic 3A charger I could find seems to have worked


re: pinephone tech support, :boost_ok:​ 


i too have had problems using "wrong" USB cable or "wrong" USB port on my desktop to connect to various android phones (android 13 pre-release on one, lineage 19 (android 12) on the other)

my guess is something changed with android at some point that has not been communicated (or i just missed it)


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