Here is a thread of music sketches that I made with #TidalCycles, originally to post on Instagram (hence the 1-minute long format) ⤵️

Tidal sketch number 1
Originally posted on 23/09/2019
A very simple loop, gradually building up complexity, showcasing a homemade SuperCollider synth of mine.
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

Tidal sketch number 2
Originally posted on 28/09/2021
Another rather basic loop using a synth that I wrote myself. I quickly gave up the idea of typing all the code as I record after that, as it became close to impossible as the complexity of the patterns involved increased.
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

Tidal sketch number 3
Originally posted on 29/09/2019
A soft melodic snippet, in a fashion I would use over and over again in the future.
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

Tidal sketch number 4
Originally posted on 30/09/2019
Distorting a voice sample to make it sound otherworldly, and then feeding them to a haunting melody
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

Tidal sketch number 5
Originally posted on 01/10/2019
A catchy tune made up of several layered arpeggiations, which would later become the track Horizon on my latest EP "Wilderness"
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

Tidal sketch number 6
Originally posted on 02/10/2019
Playing with the accelerate function I guess?
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

Tidal sketch number 7
Originally posted on 06/10/2019
A little generative melody carried by heavily filtered piano samples
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches

Tidal sketch number 11
Originally posted on 15/10/2019
A black-metal inspired tune that would become the track Pinophyte on my latest EP
#TidalCycles #th4TidalSketches




(unsolicited suggestion: constant eighth notes get annoying, maybe put a space (rest) in that voice once in a while (either forming a recognizable meter or not))


@js0000 thanks for your suggestion, I understand what you mean, but I think that in this case, it was necessary to the "blast beat" aesthetic that I was going for (which is actually not contradictory at all with what you're saying, given that black metal is a voluntarily harsh and aggressive style)

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