i hate drum solos
and ginger baker a miserable human being

and yet here i am
enjoying "toad" (2005 reunion)



Speaking of Ginger Baker, you reminded me that I wanted to listen to Levitation. Thanks!

glad to help

never heard much hawkwind myself; wanted to but got waylaid by sun ra, or björk, or lassus, or rebirth, or ...

similarly, only heard baker/fela disk once when too baked to remember; but would like to hear it again ... (maybe there's more than one)

have you heard it? if so, do you have an opinion ...


I haven't heard the Fela + Baker live disc. I'll investigate.

The album Levitation, by Hawkwind, is the only one to feature Baker. It's pretty unique in their catalog. I like a good deal of their output, but that doesn't mean it's to everyone's taste. :) Levitation has more cross appeal, methinks.


thx. will check it out

more on baker: i think the thing about his drumming is that it's musical first, and technically impressive second. so supporting the musical expression is the most important thing.

dunno- words perplex me

just trying to verbalize the quality of his drumming that is so exceptional (one of them anyway)

why is "toad" the only drum solo i can stand (and even that one rarely) ... don't like "moby dick" even though bonzo otherwise superlative


I'm listening to the Royal Albert Hall 2005 discs now. Honestly, with blues rock, I can only withstand a bit at a time, so I've been taking nibbles throughout the day.

Toad is exceptional, drum-solo wise. In fact, Herr Baker's drumming is exquisite everywhere. He has a sense of timing that is impeccable, including when to lead or drag the beat ever so slightly.

The contrast of the timbres between bass drum and stare always impress me, also. It's a constant in his playing.


I'm also not a drum solo fan. In fact, I couldn't name another offhand, at least not an extended one. I wouldn't even have come up with Moby Dick had you not mentioned it. I'm not much into Led Zeppelin, except for perhaps Presence.


most (not all) drum solos are (aesthetically) empty technical display. if i want that, i'll watch basketball (at least they keep score then)


@flavigula @js0000
I saw Hawkwind, Levitation tour Hammersmith Odeon 1980 - can't remember if Ginger was still with them.
Too young to see Cream


That must have been thrilling. I've never seen Hawkwind live. I'm a fan of much of their music, though.


@flavigula @js0000
1st heard Hawkwind mid 70s brother used to play Roadhawks in his car. Seen them many times from 79 onwards also Inner City Unit & others.
Never knew what you would get - sometimes brilliant other times but rough but live show were always spectacular.
I still have original 1971 "In Search of Space" album, sadly without the accompanying "Hawkwind Log".
A bit like the Velvet Underground, occasionally brilliant, often chaotic but very influential.

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