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📄 Digital Precarity Manifesto, 2019 lnakamur.files.wordpress.com/2

“If we pay attention to ‘invisible labor,’ we see not a network of actors or artifacts but, rather, a chain: a supply chain, a blockchain, a chain of female and nonwhite labor, all linked to one another across time and space by bonds of capital, material object production, and social reproduction. Theories of network cultures celebrate the new connectivity afforded by digital technology & attempt to erase the chains it puts in place.”

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📖 Brechtel, Werke der Schönschreibmeister (1573)
(works of the “beautiful writing” masters)

loads of swooshy calligraphy and then during digitization they found that someone scribbled a drawing beneath a dedication to the king, it shows a person fighting a goat (???)

try to read here:

The queer-feminist space “lila_bunt” in Zülpich (between Cologne and Bonn) is severely damaged by the floods.



@rusty After some more readings I learned that a huge area of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany is dependent on pumps that handle the ‘Grubenwasser’ in all the old mines. Heavy rains like those happening now will put this water system at risk. A system that is a result of the huge extraction of fossil fuels.

@rusty I wonder how many places are in a similar situation. Do people leave Billings due to the sinking?

A special plant life community evolved on the mine heaps. Schwermetallvegetation, metallophytes: the Galmei-Grasnelke (Armeria maritima subsp. halleri) for example.

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An area in which humans started to extract lead ore 2000 years ago and which became a ‘Bergschadensgebiet’ due to industrial mining in the 19th and 20th century is in acute danger to collapse. The old shafts in Mechernich are currently partially undermined by the flood water.

The term ‘solastalgia’ seems to gain more popularity as an alternative word for ecological grief and climate anxiety. Reading this review only reinforced my view that the term is both too ‘soft’ and too narrow. And although presenting as a fancy neologism it is quite unimaginative, in a context with a global scale.

Like “oh, they are feeling solastalgic about their town being washed away by a muddy flood” just sounds awful and wrong.

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📄 Ben De Bruyn, Review of ‘Earth emotions: new words for a new world’ by Glenn A. Albrecht, 2020 muse.jhu.edu/article/753069/pd

“Even though Albrecht’s argument is connected from the start to Aboriginal and indigenous cultures, interestingly, he decides to omit ‘non-English terms such asuggianaqtuq and koyaanisqqatsi’ from his new dictionary […] That is an odd decision, given that most of the terms he does include are non-English composites of Greek and Latin components anyway.”

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📄 Solastalgia, Handbook of Climate Psychology, 2020 climatepsychologyalliance.org/

A term coined by Glenn A. Albrecht.
“… solastalgia refers to the pain or distress caused by the loss of a comforting place; the sense of desolation people feel, consciously or unconsciously, when their home or land is lost to e.g. road building, dam projects, deforestation and so forth.”

But: “There is a sense that Albrecht does not give enough credence to peoples’ ambiguous feelings about place.”

📺 The Practice of Disobedience. The French feminist video works of Carole Roussoupolos, Delphine Seyrig and co. – Free streaming another-screen.com/the-practic

* Le FHAR (1971)
* The Prostitutes of Lyon Speak Out (1976)
* Just Don’t Fuck (1973)
* Maso and Miso Go Boating (1976)

“Video becomes an appropriate medium for exploring subjectivity, sexuality, and gender as performative and mobile rather than grounded in immutable essence when it performs skewed modes of rhythm, feedback, and reproduction.”

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five ways to ensure flood-risk research helps the most vulnerable. article in nature.


For a historical approach: Harold A. Innis, The Bias of Communications and Elizabeth L. Eisenstein, The Printing Press as an Agent of Change.

Referenced is another very important article about flirtation with fascist aesthetics and appropriation in industrial and noise music.

📄 Josh Hall, Fascism and colonialism in the work of Cut Hands and Blackest Ever Black, 2014 joshajhall.tumblr.com/post/815

“The question should not be ‘what did the author mean to do?’ but rather, ‘what does this work actually mean in the real world, and what are its implications?’”

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📄 Jean-Hugues Kabuiku, About Vatican Shadow Link With the Far-right, 2021 jeanhugueskabuiku.substack.com

Popular noise artists collaborate with that “critically-lauded polymath of modern ‘extreme’ and experimental music” who has more than obvious links to the far-right.

@luka Thank you! Do you have MIDI mapping within Mixxx and PD for LEDs?
The controller I’d like to use (Native Instruments) is also a USB MIDI class compliant device but has only HID scripts available for Mixxx so far, which I quite like for the LEDs. There’s also a proprietary “Controller Editor” I could run with wine but I can’t connect to the device within wine (no access to the usb stack) et cetera 😫

📄 Stav Dimitropoulos, Hear your grandmother’s voice, reconstructed, 2021 expmag.com/2021/06/hear-your-g

“Theoretically, anyone with access to the expired person’s data could virtually resurrect them by creating a deepfake or avatar, without the person having consented to such posthumous uses. […]
And if your voice can go on in perpetuity after your demise, what will it get to say when you are not alive to control it?”

Does anyone made their own HID scripts for hardware audio controllers with LED buttons? Can’t find easy instructions, never done this before.
I want to edit a .js file but I can’t even manage to tell the controller that the light should stay on if a function is active (callbacks, toggle, ?). However, mapping the buttons and defining the color is no problem so far.

@wendy I just listened to my laptop. And I will go for some Electric Walks to listen to places related to transportation (train stations, electric car charging stations, …) soon.

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