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i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))


@entreprecariat Thanks for sharing the link! I read “Creole technologies and global histories” by Edgerton a year ago. fenix.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/down

The history of technology is mostly told along great ‘genius’ inventors and he turns away from that approach and narrative, his studies emphasize that the ideas of scientists and engineers are derivative rather than ‘original’, which is an important point, I think.

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Climate Anxiety Is an Overwhelmingly White Phenomenon by Sarah Jaquette Ray

'The prospect of an unlivable future has always shaped the emotional terrain for Black and brown people, whether that terrain is racism or #climate change. Climate change compounds existing structures of injustice, and those structures exacerbate climate change. Exhaustion, anger, hope—the effects of oppression and resistance are not unique to this climate moment. What *is* unique is that people who had been insulated from oppression are now waking up to the prospect of their own unlivable future.'


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I'm looking for resources on computing applied to linguistics, anyone got this? Boosts ✅

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somehow, scanlines.xyz (the web forum focused on diy a/v that i started with @cyberboy666 @andrei_jay and @ojack) has been around for nearly a year already! we are having a stream of a/v works by the community to celebrate.

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📄 Joanne Armitage & Helen Thornham, Don’t Touch My MIDI Cables. Gender, Technology and Sound in Live Coding (Feminist Review Vol. 127, 2021) journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/1

“There is something deeply at odds then with the representations of live coding that value code, speed, technology; and the experiences of it as lived, kairotic, interdependent and embodied.”

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It’s the first Friday of the month … spending time on . Two recommendations:

· Digital Selves – Introversion of Sacrifice inunison.bandcamp.com/album/in
“… algorithms traversing crunchy texture, accelerated vocal refrains and shimmering melodic tension”

· Lauren Sarah Hayes – Embrace laurensarahhayes.bandcamp.com/
“Bodily/worldly processes, improvised ecosystems, sensual synthesis.”

@latanun Yes for zine-making! Maybe you’d like to get in touch with @librenauta who is also in Latinamerica.

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if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. please read this.

when I moved to Germany I was depressed, dysphoric, didn't speak the language, didn't leave my room, didn't make friends for >2 years. Trump had just been elected on racism against Latinx immigrants, and I had trauma from gender-based street violence in my country. Europe was having an immigration crisis, and parties like the AfD seemed on the rise. I felt as afraid in the streets as I learned to be in Brazil, scurrying through the evenings, heart thumping. Are neonazi emboldened by all this? Am I going to get beaten?

I was vaguely socialist but not politically aware. I was barely aware of what was "antifa" until Spencer got punched. It was a surprise for me to see antifa graffiti and "immigrants welcome" stickers almost every block, everywhere I went. It made me feel like there were people here who would stand by me (correctly :anarchismred:⁠).

if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. it makes a lot of difference. you make people feel seen and cared about. with all my heart, thank you <3

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I made something I wanted to try for a long time for the Feminist Hack Meetings in Rotterdam: an HTML poster generator. The organizers have the basic pattern of the poster on a webpage and they can modify and generate themselves the posters for the other events #webtoprint

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Hey fedi, the Recurse Center is offering up to $1000 to trans/non-binary/women programmers for upcoming batches. RC changed my life and is just an amazing experience/community -- see here for more: recurse.com/blog/156-were-offe

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👾 Hydra meetup #5👾 coming soon!
Save the date🗓️ April 3rd 17:00hs 🗓️ UTC Calendar
Show & Tell + Presentations


Hang it after sleeping on it for more than 100 nights.

Yoko Ono, 1962

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