Wie die liegen.
(ImageMagick 7 with Bash script)

Home Message Center, found in a give away box on a bench today. You can record up to 12 messages for each mailbox. The grid in the middle is a picture frame, you’re supposed to add a photo for every receiver.

„Es kommt nicht darauf an, wer es am lautesten kann!”

Older leaflet about noise as cause of disease.

Source: Zentralinstitut für Gesundheits-Erziehung e.V. KÖLN-MERHEIM

The first 20 physical copies of “Plumes” are finished and ready to be distributed. While I’m still figuring out a way of distribution for books to come (and self-publishing in general), I’d like to swap some of these for other small books, zines, artworks, stickers, cds, ephemera, etc.
📩 Just send me a message.

Except four pages color print, the book is self-printed at home (laser printer) on recycled paper and hand-bound.

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Let me introduce “Plumes”: A small book/zine with algorithmically generated photo collages and computer-aided (concrete) poetry. nervousdata.com/plumes.html

Hand-bound physical copies are now in the making.

The concrete poems were generated using – One sketch here: nervousdata.com/plumes-p5.html (needs JavaScript enabled)

Splitted daily dose.

magick cuts/*.png -background none -rotate '%[fx:int(rand()*12)-6]' -set page '+%[fx:0.5*(sin(pi*t/100)+sin(2.9*t/8))*1250]+%[fx:0.5*(sin(pi*t/10)+sin(2.9*t/110))*950+(rand()*50-25)]' -background white -layers merge +repage escitalopram.png

This you? @fragmentscenario

Source: Joseph Moxon, Mechanick exercises, or, The doctrine of handy-works: applied to the art of printing, 2nd volume, 1683 archive.org/details/mechanicke

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