On Wednesday from 6pm CET, @alcstrt, @manetta, @p_p, Julia and myself will be co-hosting the kick-off public broadcast of A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers (#ATNOFS).

For this broadcast, we will be joined by two practitioners who have been working on and around #feminist and activist #servers: Spideralex and Danae Tapia.

Spideralex will share about her personal story/travel/trip towards feminist infrastructure, how she started becoming interested in building her own #digital infrastructure, joining lorea/n-1 (federated social networks) and then #Calafou (a material infrastructure, social lodging cooperative and rehabilitating an old industrial colony) and the gaps and the need to create feminist servers, as well as the main changes over the last 10 years regarding critical digital feminist infrastructure and feminist #infrastructure in general. Danae will address the paradoxical relation of communist dialectical #materialism and #mysticism.

More information here: varia.zone/en/atnofs-varia.htm

And more information about ATNOFS in general here: culturalfoundation.eu/stories/



@manetta @ccl @alcstrt @p_p

Thank you so much for the show. I tuned in a bit late and the chat didn’t load (Firefox), but really appreciate the Etherpad with the transcriptions and all the links.

The Beheading Of The Fruit Fly is georgous. It is vinyl only?

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