I long for personal websites of writers, musicians, artists that are not just a portfolio or list of releases/publications …

@jine What would you like to see on them? I'm thinking of redoing my website 🙃

@wendy Thank you for asking! I just wanted to visit the gallery on your website but, oh oh, “Dang... Something went wrong!“

I really like when the website is kind of a publishing or performance space on its own. With some media that you could only see/read/hear/get on the website. When I’m invited to stay and not pointed to Bandcamp or whatever with every click.

@wendy @jine it's nice when you stumble across what is essentially somones sketchbook or reflections on the work they are doing.

It makes art (or anything) feel more accessible when you see the process not just the product. You also get a glimpse at all the art that could have been but things branched in different ways which is fascinating.

@jine idk what i'd put on mine tbh since it's literally just lists of things

@rozina Nah, there are some really cool small net art pieces on your website the visitors can play with! 💜

@jine thank. i also find net art in general really interesting and i figured out a way to create my own pieces and put them on my site (although most of them are hidden away, which i guess adds to that element of surprise), plus it's good to have a bit of interactivity every now and then

@jine So do I, but then I wonder: what should we put on those websites?

@lilletale It depends what your ‘field’ is, I think, what comes to my mind: research notes, sketches, tour diaries, documentation of failed experiments, a glossary, a poem on a simple HTML page, ZIP files with audio samples free to download, …

@jine @lilletale I was thinking of doing a bunch of things like that. Process diaries, free stems, artwork, scans of scribbles and a sort of how to wiki thing that shows my process so I don’t have to remember it.

@jine I've been doing that for a little while for my band, I was tired of the one pagers with the latest release and nothing else so I made this:

@jine It’s still better than just having a Facebook page…

@Sylvhem Yeah. What’s really sad, I think, is that thing which is mostly a collection of links to profiles on all those corporate social media platforms.

@jine @Sylvhem Oh yea i hate finding artists i like that have switched away from their websites in favor of a linktr.ree portal... i get why people chose this, it's less work, but you lose more than you gain by doing that.

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