I would really appreciate some thoughts and help with licensing creative coding projects.

I’m preparing something from my computer-aided poetry for print. The book itself will be under the copyright of the publisher.

– Which license is appropriate for the code (hosted on gitlab or my website) when some artwork generated with it is already copyrighted?
– If the whole code doesn’t appear in the printed book how do I reference to it?

And related to that, the general question:
– To what extent can or should code/algorithm and ‘output’ be separated?

- license it however you want. Something like GPL or MIT has no bearing on the license of the output, so it's completely separate (I am not a lawyer)
- you can link a github repo with zenodo, which gives you a DOI for each release. e.g. I do this with tidal:
- I would recommend trying to avoid transferring copyright to the publisher

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