I just uploaded something for NaNoGenMo (National Novel Generation Month) 2021.

It is called Strivriven and it is a diffusion of a sentence. It expands and propagates in a somehow ‘electrical’ way (following a sine wave with frequency modulation). You can see/download the book (PDF, 37 MB) here:

To better visualize what is happening, I also used a gradient (instead of the sentence) as a sample.

Made with my beloved ImageMagick 7 Cut-Up technique.

I especially like the lines where a word bit by bit becomes another.

cones corlies codies …

codies are small code bits that stimulate serotonin production, btw.


Do you have the image magick command line? I'm wondering how it would wound with some audio databending

@celesteh Oh yes! Audio data bending would be cool!

I put the code (Bash script) here:

@celesteh I just looked up “data bending imagemagick” and your blog showed up. 🥳 Do you have experience with images of text (black/white)?


Haha! That's all audio stuff, I'm afraid.

I've done text image manipulations before, but only SVGs. I like this format because it's small and you can work with strings and so preserve words, break on spaces or between letters or so forth and keep legibility.
On the other side, @hellocatfood has done some work with SVGs and font destruction, so legibility is degraded and lost.

The kind of manipulations you'd get from imagemagick would be more like cutting up a newspaper or book etc randomly, without regard to where the text is, which also seems fruitful, but very different in that the letters themselves get broken up.


Of course, you can also generate text images with imagemagick, as you know, so it's arguably more flexible than an SVG in potential.

@celesteh On a data bending journey now. One line of the text (as image) actually becomes one ‘tone.’ Doubled the speed in Audacity.

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