Spent half of the weekend with LaTeX to make a weekly calendar for self-printing. It’s done! You can find two PDFs for the German version (that I made for myself), incl. holidays, full- and newmoon symbols, etc. on my website. nervousdata.com/kalender.html

Or directly here:
* PDF (53 pages) nervousdata.com/files/1woche1s
* PDF (56 pages, booklet layout) nervousdata.com/files/1woche1s

I will add a plain english version and the .tex file later.

I loved to see the process of making a planner calendar by @mara btw!

@librenauta Sure! Feel free to print and adjust. I just added an English version.

@jine is there a spanish versión? <3 i can make a cover and share it

@jine I will design a cover and I will share you the svg as in copiona.com/dise%C3%B1o/2020/0 , these days I share a link <3
this that you sent me I will print it tomorrow [:

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