Here's a quick 'n dirty Saturday morning jam, just practicing to get a grip on all the moving parts.

This track again uses randomness from multiple sources and squeezes it into more-or-less musical forms by various means.

Bug content: Cicada 

Just got given a private concert by this big boy sitting outside of my living room window. First time I got to see a live one up close. They are impressive, and very very loud.

I recorded some of his song, hope there's not too much background noise.

And I wouldn't mind if he moved on now. He's really quite loud. But I don't want to rush him, he's got a tough enough life already.

Absolutely. It's perfect for those moments when some gentle filter clipping just won't cut it.

I just got it a few days ago, found it used at a local store. It can sound pretty wild, but I'm not sure yet if I want to spend that much space for that sound. I'll at least keep it until I find a way to use effects pedals with the modular.

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a good day.

Wasn't feeling creative today, so I spent the morning rearranging modules and optimizing the cabling. Pretty happy with the result.

I love using right-angle-plugs for the mostly static cabling (clock, reset etc.), keeps everything more accessible.

Moonwalking and Karplus-Stronging the delay buffer.

The main melody is white noise run through a resonant filter into a stereo delay. Bringing the delay time down and feedback up creates the waveguide sounds of the second melody voice, played by modulating the delay time.

The guitar riffs were 1 bar each of E7#9, E5 and just E. They were sliced up into bits of 16th notes. I can then (randomly or sequenced) switch between the three samples and their 16 slices, plus pitch the samples up/ down in a scale context, giving me three degrees of variation.

In this track, it was mostly looped randomness, I just hit the loop button when I thought it sounded good. Next I need to start using this in a more controlled manner. Random is fun, though.

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Sampler shenanigans: Recorded three simple guitar riffs, sliced them up in Sample Drum, then sequenced them tonally with Marbles and Pamela.

All sounds coming from the , so it's starting to be pretty self-contained. Only the bass sequencing is done by Ableton, still need a solution for that.

Fun with new tools. Here I'm sending a little sequence into Mimeophone, where it gets delayed, looped, reversed, washed and filtered and kept as background pad. New Pamela's New Workout does a little bit of bass sequencing and modulating, until Mimeophone does a gradual granular fadeout.

I have a house guest for a few days: A Tahitian . It's carved from a single piece of wood, and strung traditionally with nylon fishing line.

Sadly the bridge is glued on at the wrong position, so the intonation is way off beyond the 5th fret, but it works fine for simple chords.

My favorite feature is that covering the sound hole at the back can create a wha-wha effect. Just takes a third hand to do so.

Today's : I played around with 's beat slicing. The drum sounds come from a Mark Giuliana drum solo, sliced up in Ableton's Simpler, split out to separate MIDI notes and triggered to form new patterns.

Added some , , and a little line from the .

I built a track around today's patch, which plays with Plait's speech synthesis models. The track is called "Scraffur Araffur", for obvious reasons.

This is just a rough sketch again, it needs some cleanup in the sound design, some additional parts and so on. Knowing me I'll likely never touch it again, so I'm putting it out there in all it's raw beauty.


No, I never tried any of the PO modules. But that looks like a lot of fun.

Loosely inspired by the Hang player in the park today, I started toying with a 11-notes-over-2-octaves scale that has a b2 in the lower and a 9 in the upper octave. This creates some nice dissonances and interesting chords.

Actually I had more plans for this (different sequence lengths, more harmonic shifting around), but man, have any of you ever noticed how short a day is? I guess this is all I'll manage for today.


Oh, I tried using my phone before. It's good enough for taking quick notes, but not for capturing the acoustic intricacies of an expertly shaped piece of metal. 😁 Once this thing finally dies, I'll get one with a better mic.

I assume you used the Tascam for the ambient sounds in the Wohnzimmer track? That does sound good.

I use a Boss BR-80. I wanted to capture the sounds of various Japanese drums at street festivals, but of course there haven't been any festivals lately.

Sitting in a nearby park for breakfast, and on the opposite bench a guy is practising his Hang drum. Very nice. Much more enjoyable than the guy with the tuba last week.

I just regret not having any recording device on me. I used to always carry a little Boss device for these occasions. Going to dig it out when I get back.


Thanks. Yes, I do compose, but I'm usually too lazy/ busy/ distracted to finish the recordings. Working on changing that.

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