Sampler shenanigans: Recorded three simple guitar riffs, sliced them up in Sample Drum, then sequenced them tonally with Marbles and Pamela.

All sounds coming from the , so it's starting to be pretty self-contained. Only the bass sequencing is done by Ableton, still need a solution for that.


The guitar riffs were 1 bar each of E7#9, E5 and just E. They were sliced up into bits of 16th notes. I can then (randomly or sequenced) switch between the three samples and their 16 slices, plus pitch the samples up/ down in a scale context, giving me three degrees of variation.

In this track, it was mostly looped randomness, I just hit the loop button when I thought it sounded good. Next I need to start using this in a more controlled manner. Random is fun, though.

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