Sitting in a nearby park for breakfast, and on the opposite bench a guy is practising his Hang drum. Very nice. Much more enjoyable than the guy with the tuba last week.

I just regret not having any recording device on me. I used to always carry a little Boss device for these occasions. Going to dig it out when I get back.

@ics ha - I know the feeling. I carry a Tascam DR05 for this purpose. Actually phones have become at least usable for this job in case you don't have a recorder at hand.

#fieldrecordings #audio


Oh, I tried using my phone before. It's good enough for taking quick notes, but not for capturing the acoustic intricacies of an expertly shaped piece of metal. 😁 Once this thing finally dies, I'll get one with a better mic.

I assume you used the Tascam for the ambient sounds in the Wohnzimmer track? That does sound good.

I use a Boss BR-80. I wanted to capture the sounds of various Japanese drums at street festivals, but of course there haven't been any festivals lately.

@ics yes, I did. this and sometimes when LoFi is okay or even wanted I sample directly into the #PO33. cute little device!! have you ever played around with this thing?


No, I never tried any of the PO modules. But that looks like a lot of fun.

@ics cheap built quality and fiddly to use but LOTS & LOTS of fun to play with (and actually create "serious" music with).

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