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I finally made the repository to my Rust software synth public. It's not finished yet, but if anyone wants to have a look already, I'd appreciate any feedback (regarding sound, usability, documentation, whatever).

Also, this is your chance to go down in history: If you come up with any nice sounds, I'll be happy to include them in the default sound set, which currently still is mostly empty.

"While its primary purpose is to serve as The One True Debugger, printf also happens to be Turing complete. [...]

We abuse this fact to implement the logic of tic-tac-toe entirely within this one printf call."

Fascinating stuff.

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OMG. Over 20 years of C programming, and I had no idea that printf can change a variable's value. Wow.

%n takes a pointer and writes (!!) the number of bytes printed so far.


For example, the following expression

printf("%1$.*2$d%3$hhn", 5, 10, &x)

will have the same effect as if we had written

x = 10;

Happy New Year, everyone. I wish you all a great 2021 filled with positive vibes and exciting music.

Treated myself to a new Japanese textbook. This one deals with the phonetic reading of Kanji characters.

Only ten pages in, and already had some "Aha" moments. I agree with the cover quotes: Wish I already had this 10 years ago.

Mike Stern about composing: "The main thing is to finish what you started. No need to judge it, plenty of people will do that later, don't get in the way."

Wrote a generic function whose type parameter implements a generic trait for returning a parameterized enum.

fn read_samples<R: Read, T>(source: &mut R, num_bytes: usize, init_val: T) -> Result<WavDataType, ()>
where T: Copy + Clone + WavDataTypeGetter<T> {

This lets me parse all the different representations of sample data in wave files (PCM16, Float32 etc.), returning a distinct value per type wrapping the actual data, in just 15 lines of code. I don't miss “real” OOP at all.

My favorite Vim feature for working from home on a small monitor:
Maximize a window when selecting it, but still show 7 lines of context from the other windows.

function SetWinheight()
set winheight=10
set winminheight=7
set winheight=9999

function UnsetWinheight()
set winheight=10
set winminheight=7
set equalalways
exe "normal \<c-w>="

New King Gnu single. That's some intense production, must have been a blast recording it.

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is like , but runs through the year. Record, create, post, short-ish recordings, loops, beats, noises, melodies, sounds from your creative process where you work focused on sound/noise/music. Perhaps write a little description of anything that puts it into context (can be anything).

You can also call for and add some reuse indication, if desired.

If you like this proposal, plz boost.

Got some vacation and am sitting in a park during beautiful warm fall weather. An old man on a bench nearby is practising some kind of Japanese flute, which makes for a really nice atmosphere. Glad I got here at the right time.

(And yes, that's a tiny dog (not mine) in a baby car (actually a tiny dog car). It's a thing here.)

Added some exciting new features to my software synth:
- Stereo panning of individual voices
- Delay time syncing to BPM
- Envelope delay and looping

The voice panning really makes things interesting: Arpeggios running from left to right, or chords that grow from the middle outwards, or randomly jumping notes.

Now I just need some spare time to record a demo.

I received my Timemore Chestnut G1 stainless steel manual burr grinder today, and it's as awesome as its name. No more drinking stale coffee at home.

Grinding for one cup takes about 30 - 40 seconds and is really smooth, nothing like the tiring fight with each single bean I remember from trying a cheapo grinder many years ago. I really should have done this sooner.

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An query for assistance, or even help!

A youtube channel is reqesting a VIDEO of a track from our newest album so it can be added to their channel. The youtube channel is Culture as a Dare.

Does anyone have experience throwing together videos or any kind, as I'm useless at this sort of thing? If so, what would you need from me (besides the track)?

Thanks to all in advance and please boost.

(the album is here: )

Starting my 5-day today: Just staying home and making music.

Plans for this week are:
- Finish recording contributions to some ongoing projects
- Move some song ideas from head to hard drive
- Transcribe some jazz lines to get new ideas for outside improvisation

Of course today the weather changed from "Too hot to do anything" to "Perfect for taking a walk", but I shall be strong.

This looks nice: Build a complete computer, from basic hardware building blocks to OS and applications, using a collection of open tutorials and tools.

Finished recording the second guitar solo for the ProgRock project I'm contributing to. Two down, one to go.


Note to self: Dear @ics, never EVER again turn on the air conditioner while lying underneath it. We don't want another cockroach to drop on our head, do we?

Also: Sorry to my neighbor for all the loud cursing and knocking over things while trying to find the light switch.

After having finished the rhythm guitar parts and a break of a few weeks, I'm now back to recording some solos for my friend's project.

Here's the one I did yesterday. It ended up feeling somewhat nervous and aggressive, which probably means I should go outside more.

(This is just a rough mix using my monitor sound, not the final mix.)

Cryptic sorcerer!
"Math.min(Math.max(v, min), max);"
his incantation.


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