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I finally made the repository to my Rust software synth public. It's not finished yet, but if anyone wants to have a look already, I'd appreciate any feedback (regarding sound, usability, documentation, whatever).

Also, this is your chance to go down in history: If you come up with any nice sounds, I'll be happy to include them in the default sound set, which currently still is mostly empty.

I received my Timemore Chestnut G1 stainless steel manual burr grinder today, and it's as awesome as its name. No more drinking stale coffee at home.

Grinding for one cup takes about 30 - 40 seconds and is really smooth, nothing like the tiring fight with each single bean I remember from trying a cheapo grinder many years ago. I really should have done this sooner.

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An query for assistance, or even help!

A youtube channel is reqesting a VIDEO of a track from our newest album so it can be added to their channel. The youtube channel is Culture as a Dare.

Does anyone have experience throwing together videos or any kind, as I'm useless at this sort of thing? If so, what would you need from me (besides the track)?

Thanks to all in advance and please boost.

(the album is here: )

Starting my 5-day today: Just staying home and making music.

Plans for this week are:
- Finish recording contributions to some ongoing projects
- Move some song ideas from head to hard drive
- Transcribe some jazz lines to get new ideas for outside improvisation

Of course today the weather changed from "Too hot to do anything" to "Perfect for taking a walk", but I shall be strong.

This looks nice: Build a complete computer, from basic hardware building blocks to OS and applications, using a collection of open tutorials and tools.

Finished recording the second guitar solo for the ProgRock project I'm contributing to. Two down, one to go.


Note to self: Dear @ics, never EVER again turn on the air conditioner while lying underneath it. We don't want another cockroach to drop on our head, do we?

Also: Sorry to my neighbor for all the loud cursing and knocking over things while trying to find the light switch.

After having finished the rhythm guitar parts and a break of a few weeks, I'm now back to recording some solos for my friend's project.

Here's the one I did yesterday. It ended up feeling somewhat nervous and aggressive, which probably means I should go outside more.

(This is just a rough mix using my monitor sound, not the final mix.)

Cryptic sorcerer!
"Math.min(Math.max(v, min), max);"
his incantation.


Screaming Headless Torsos playing a Reggae-version of Miles Davis' Blue In Green, with the amazing Freedom Bremner on vocals and Air-Trombone.

(For the impatient, the vocals come in around 1:35)

The shopping street near my place is lined with speakers that play soulless muzak synth covers of pop hits. I've heard many atrocities here, but I think today's cover of Mr Big's "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy", including a note-perfect reproduction of the guitar solo, must be the worst.

Good grief, that was terrible. What's next, Ace of Spades played on a Casio maybe?

There must be big money involved, otherwise i can't imagine anyone committing that kind of sonic crime.

Made another sketch today. Seems like sketches is all I get done lately. I should make an album with them. I shall name it “Sketches for my Sweetheart, the Punk”.

This one is about as unhip as it gets. A waltz, with pretty major harmonies, played (mostly) on piano. It was that kind of day, not much I could do about it.

But I must admit I quite like how the harmonies in the second half turned out. With some work, this could become a nice piece.

Great performance of Big Wreck's "Under the Lighthouse".

Impressive slide skills by Mr Thornley.

Let me tell you about my hitech living room lamp: It beeps when being turned on/ off, in case you're not sure if the light is on or not.

For people like me, the remote has a button to turn the beep off. The lamp confirms the turning off of the beep with a beep.

The remote has memory slots to store settings. Sadly, the beep status is not saved, so whenever I do something silly like use the light switch, the beep is back.

All in all, it fits in well with the rice cooker and the washing machine.

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Transport Layer Security EP is out now!

"At the core of these tracks stands an inspiration of exploring machinic polyrythms and how they can be used to blur the distinction of what is really inorganic, or not. Below, however, this distinction of natural organism is a false promise, a blind alley, a dead end. We ... are all part of the same machinic phylum."




:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

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🎹 Free piano (you move) Greater Boston, boosts+ 

Anyone in greater Boston looking for a free piano? Friend of a friend has a Baldwin upright that has been well cared for, but is looking to get rid of it ASAP. Probably going to be junked if they can't find a taker. 🎹

If you're interested let me know and I'll see if I can make the appropriate connections

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Here's a little sketch from tonight, very much work in progress, around a fun synth sound that happened.

Realized after getting this far that it's close to the guitar riff of Deep Purple's Anya. Too bad. Deal with it, Ritchie.

New skill acquired: Price negotiation in Japanese. You just make a face like you stubbed your toe, hard, and say "Hmmmm. That's a little... Hmmmm." Never finishing the sentence is key here!

That way I managed to sell a keyboard to a second hand retailer for 30% of what I paid new, saving me the pain of Ebay and shipping.

To be fair, from their point of view they still properly screwed me over, since the new price of that keyboard has gone up since I bought it. Win-win, I guess.

Paper about emotional contagion in social networks.

Let me just share that I'm having a really good day today. 🌞

Nuno Bettencourt's tone on Extreme's "Waiting for the Punchline" is the pinnacle of electric guitar sound in my opinion. A cranked Fender Vibroverb about to melt, I believe. Raw, punchy, heavy, but not (too) distorted.

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