I'm doing tonight at the Noisefest in
Come around and watch text on stage to calm down.

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"A computer is just a calculator with a to-do list."

reducing clutter by using the as a controller. DM me if you want the settings/mappings.

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tradition is just peer pressure from dead people

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Gemeinsam mit @Campact, @Digitalcourage und @DigitalFreiheit wenden wir uns mit einem dringenden Appell an die Bundesregierung. Die Pläne der EU-Kommission zur #Chatkontrolle sind eine Gefahr für unsere Grundrechte und die Sicherheit der Kommunikation.
Bitte zeichnet die Petition mit!

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which gender_s are you?

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for and : press the "48V" button and hold it down for at least 5 seconds when plugging in your interface for the first time. This disables "MSD" mode and your interface shows up immediately (e.g. in alsamixer). Also note: the current LTS release (22.04) supports a bunch of Scarlett interfaces (2i2 3rd gen, 4i4 3rd gen etc.) out of the box.

Hello beautiful person,

here is my I do to create sounds, sometimes move pixels in or pick up a soldering iron to build my own for and . I use a lot ( among others) for almost everything I do. Sometimes I am slow to respond because I have mixed feelings about the whole internet thing.


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