Hi everyone!

We're a collective and soon to be diy label from Berlin.

We're interested in pretty much all kinds of music and art. But anything dub / ambient / electronic / experimental gets us especially excited

We also dabble in visuals utilizing old video mixers and glitchy diy circuits as well as stuff

We consider ourselves and what we do and

Looking forward to getting to know all of you, share our knowledge and learn something new!

@hintt Hope you'll enjoy it!
Also: I recently joined the admin/mod team here, so let me know if there's anything I can do.

@hintt welcome to the fediverse! We're not particularly ambient or experimental, but I'm currently making an interactive music video in blender and playcanvas, and we're most certainly anticapitalist and antifascist 😄🤘

@hintt also I'm a big fan of old tech, looking forward to checking some of your stuff out!

@hearsepileup wow, interactive music Video in Blender Sounds really cool!!!

@hintt Hahaha, maybe I oversold what we're doing 😅

Essentially it's an endless runner style game using a web game engine; I'm only using blender for asset creation!

@hearsepileup I saw the video on your profile. I think it will work well with the music!

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