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We're back at Teepeeland today!
Open Decks and drinks in the sand from 15h. Near Schillingbrücke at the water. Bring your vinyl!

Today! We're at Teepeeland (near Schillingbrücke) again for another Open Deck Session! Starts at 15h. Bring your vinyl!

Plus we're on radio-rasclat.com for HINTT Radio Nr 9. Starts at 19h and we'll have the incredible Cate Hops over for some tunes.

Tonight! Mensch Meier Berlin with Sonic Ground & Bladehouse collectives

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Here Is No There There Radio #8

Love In The Times of Capitalism

2 hour live set

With texts by Bell Hooks, Audre Lorde, Pablo Neruda and many others - selected and read by Marie Cavalier-Bazan and Gémi Diallo - Music by KATALOG

Tonight (April 2nd) 19h on www.radio-Rasclat.com

It's open decks season again!!!

Today from 14h until we get cold at Teepeeland Berlin.

Bring your vinyl!

All genres, all people!

Let's hang, have a beer and start the summer (sorta)

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Fight the imperialist white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy that has established itself as the dominant political system in most societies.

It does not have to be like this.

Solidarity with all people who identify as women on this international women's day.

Here Is No There There Radio #7

Tonight 19h (Berlin) on radio-rasclat.com

DnB special

With Tsanni (live)
Le Off

Against all wars.

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Wow, we've been really silent here... Sorry... What's not going to be silent though is our next show: The 6(66)th edition of Here Is No There There Radio on radio-rasclat.com

Will be live on the digital airwaves from 19h (berlin time) with a 1 hour guest mix by Satanic Funeral Rite (aka Sexy Biscuits)

- Hate Cops Love Satan -

PLUS a 1 hour record shop special with the finest finds from our last trip to brussels.

Catch you saturday.

Today we're on the air again!
// Here Is No There There Radio on radio-rasclat.com
// 4.12. 18h (Berlin time)
// with special guests BASTELN and DJ DISCJOCKEY
// 3 hour deep dive into jazz, soul, funk, disco, rare grooves and dub //

This saturday at 18:00 (Berlin time) we are back on the (digital) airwaves of Radio-Rasclat.com with two special guests: BASTELN and DJ DISCJOCKEY

Will be a strange trip through jazz, disco, rare grooves and dub.

We're back on the air tonight with the third installement of our show: 'Here Is No There There Radio' on radio-rasclat.com

Will be live from 6 to 9 (Berlin time) with a liveset by h1 and @leoff + DCO at the decks.

Might be a strange trip between worker songs, experimental electronica and dub with some krautrock inbetween.

Tune In! Boosts welcome!

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Our first radio show is now online with accompanying visuals.

Live sets by h1 / @leoff / Gregor Dys / DCO


The first edition of our new monthly radio show on Radio Rasclat will be broadcast tonight at 21h. Tune in if you like.

Boosts appreciated!

Live-Sets by h1 / @leoff / Gregor Dys / DCO.

Will be on the air every first saturday of the month from 19 - 21h.


“We monitor many frequencies. We listen always. Came a voice, out of the babel of tongues, speaking to us. It played us a mighty dub.”
- William Gibson “Neuromancer”

Tonight at 19h on Radio Rasclat.

A show about dub as the musical expression of postmodernity and the complex web of interconnections it sparked which keeps informing the music we hear and the way it is produced to this day.

From vinyl with Lobotomian and DCO


Here's a really nice review of our first release: 'Gregor Dys - Errors/regrets' among some other incredible tapes!

Tape and (free) digital at our bandcamp.


Release-Show tonight!

Please boost.

Will be a nice little concert at a squat on the Berlin riverside (near Schillingbrücke). Would love to see some of you there!

Live: Gregor Dys / h1
Visuals: DCO & @leoff

'errors / regrets' by Gregor Dys is out today!!

Beautiful ambient with noisy textures, hauntingly melodic samples and layered fieldrecordings.

This is our first release as a DIY label and we could not be more proud! Tape and digital.

Boosts are much appreciated!


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