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@jayrope I'm not sure I understand everything you mean. But, essentially, I think, we all need to be clear and articulated about the fact that we want end. The reasons for situation now and in the past are clear: power, dominance, control, greed... We need to talk about it, becoming conscious about it and when acting IRL or online, taking care, men reminding men that we want a feminist, diverse and inclusive future, towards society where is not necessary anymore.?

I've spent a few days (mostly) offline, which I regularly do. Primarily I've been setting up a new system with My aim is to configure it as little as possible, since I want to have that particular experience.

Overall things work fine. The one thing I had to work a while on was multi-touch gestures (will be implemented in the next release, tho). Some things still requiring tweaks are 3rd party sys tray icons, and suspend/sleep (some touchpad functionality is lost after wake-up).

Hello everyone! I quit Facebook in a public event organized by our Fripost a democratically managed email and cloud server association. Since then I feel a need to distribute things around like articles I write and important events. I just don't know how this works. Where do I start? Here? I live in #Göteborg#Sweden have two kids and work as a PhD studentin Cultural Studies, I do research on the #neoliberalization and #socialmovements.

I just closed registrations @, but not really.
Any activist group that wants to join, will receive an invite link from me.
Individuals are redirected to

I'm not sure it's the best way, but I think it's better than it was before. Until now lots of people tried to join .global and were sent an email by me to join .social instead, but never reacted to it.

CC: @PaulaToThePeople

“we’ve created a web that’s actively excluding people, and at a vast, terrible scale. […] Improving the state of accessibility on the web is work we have to support. The alternative isn’t an option. Leaving the web in it’s current state isn’t fair. It isn’t just.”

Quoted by

(fixed)a critical vulnerability was discovered in the #JavaScript engine of Firefox and Tor Browser.

Mozilla fixed this vulnerability in Firefox 78.4.1 and Tor fixed this vulnerability in Tor Browser 10.0.4.

Tails includes this fix since version 4.13 (17. November). If you run a later version you should upgrade as soon as possible.


It's a great day to stop using the word tribalism. Why not try factionalism or group identity or whatever the fuck else.

But hey, I guess it is the U.S. week of celebrating Native genocide.

So I guess y'all won't give a fuck. Lovely.

Ultimately I believe has to be seen as a issue, and therefore about . In light of this, I've been trying to set aside my own preferences, and _really_ get to know that I think could work well for many people to transition to. Because, it seems like changing might be less of a sacrifice for many, than quitting *book or services. Atm, strikes me as the overall best candidate for this. But any other is much appreciated!

Now available for download, #UseAMaskUseTor wallpapers:


No donation required to download this package, but if you love these wallpapers, consider our suggested donation of $5.

- Let go of anger and pride.

- Focus on the common purpose.

- Be gentle.

Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.

I hear them talk about the political climate and how it's played out in "social media". And I think to myself:

They don't know anything about us. We are here, but they can't see us. We do all of these things in the background, but they can't feel it. And it's fatiguing, and stressful, and frustrating. And we break down, and we give up, and we get up.

And it's worth it, 'cause we will change so many of these things.

Support each other, stay safe, and never stop.

Ad trackers are following you on the web. Find out how your browser leaks information about you, and ways to fix that with EFF Cover Your Tracks tool:

In the recent macOS Big Sur release, Apple placed 56 of its own apps, such as FaceTime and Apple Maps, on an exclusion list allowing them to bypass firewalls and certain VPNs without users’ knowledge. This seriously undermines macOS users’ security and privacy.

After thorough examination, we confirm that on ProtonVPN’s macOS app, no traffic is excluded from the encrypted VPN tunnel when Kill Switch is enabled (including Apple apps’ traffic). More details here:

In the midst of an application usage leak on macOS, Apple has made a difficult choice to preserve user safety, but at the peril of their more privacy-focused users.

I am really happy using Searx as the default on LibreWolf. I've been using LibreWolf for a little over a week exclusively now, and I think it's time to purge stock Firefox.

Your feelings should not be a tyrant that alone decides right and wrong and dictates your actions. They should also not be an ignored and lonely child who increasingly acts out to be heard. Treat your feelings instead as a friend who is both wise and flawed as we all are, but who means well and is always worth talking to so you can learn from each other.

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