@greyor Yeah, hopefully. Some features I do need in order to be able to focus, tho. The GNOME structure is pretty much my baseline, and I can replicate that on KDE, but not so much on other DEs. But my hopes are up for Xfce. (I also want to make my Gtk3 theme(s) compatible w/ Xfce.)

One of many excellent GNU/Linux features, for sure. Ah, sorry to hear about your issues. Hope you'll get them sorted out!

Absolutely. Especially at night.

Needy kitties πŸ’•
(But sometimes a bit overbearing.)

instance block 

I'm guessing many already know of but if you don't --> block it instantly (2A, "free speech", etc.).

Keep safe, friends.

@PresGas @greyor @ethanyoo That is really great to hear. I'll make a note of that. 🍊 πŸ‘Œ

I think I wanna prioritize making the web site for it (and also fine-tune some of the wordings and whatnot), since I believe it will make it easier to use/read/digest. But I also have been planning to do some more testing etc. (not least w/ Signal's group video feature), so I'll get back to you!

@photonicfae @greyor @ethanyoo Thanks. I'm aware of Wire, but omitted it during some early phase. Will take another look!

An updated version of Zooming Out - a (provisional) list of Zoom replacements. Feel free to share and/or contribute. πŸ’œ

⭐ @greyor
⭐ @ethanyoo


@greyor I really want to like and use Xfce, esp for some of my older devices. But every time I've tried it I just couldn't make it look and behave the way I need to. But you've inspired me to try again!

And yeah, I oughta check some mpd clients out, actually.

Sounds lovely with a day outside, getting fresh air. I took a short walk last night, and it was truly beautiful. Miss my long walks.

Aw, the life as cat parent. Maybe Xya just wanted some company?

personal, F, masto 

@jrc03c Oh, I was referring to a particular social media platform., With a blue logo... I just don't want to write its name correctly, to avoid their and other's tracking. For my one sake, as well as the people I interact with.

Sorry for the vagueness or incomprehensibility. At least it wasn't in any way an attempt to be esoteric or anything.

Good to hear from you, btw. Hope you're well.

personal, F, masto 

F-f00k is intrusive in more ways than just the obvious ones. On a personal level, it made my online life (arguably the more real or true side of me), mesh w/ my offline life. And that's the opposite of what I wanted, and also effectively nullifying one of the most important aspects of the internet.

Still after years being in the fediverse and on masto, I'm so thankful for getting my online life back, as it were. This is how it should be. So, please remember:

you're awesome.

OnionShare 2.3 had a few bugs including anonymous chat mode was broken 😭 but don't worry, we just released OnionShare 2.3.1 and it fixes all of that!

Get it at

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@greyor ☺️ I get it, it has a style and a structure that's not to everyone's liking. So, you mostly use Xfce, then?
Aww, Winamp. Those were the days. Winamp, ICQ, and a different kind of world (kinda). Cantata seems nice, though a bit too many features for my needs, I think.

Deal, indeed.

Hope you're having a good weekend, and feeling well.

Kitty love!

makeup, violence, masculinity 

@greyor Thanks, my friend πŸ’œ The summoning of courage has begun!


@greyor I would've guessed you weren't a big fan, actually ☺️ I've never used Amarok that much. Last time I used KDE, I used Elisa a great deal. It's pretty good (then again I'm happy w/ any music player that can do the basics).

Great to see that life is good for you, that makes me happy. When my current one million TODOs are done, I'll let you start teaching me Latin.

The cat kids are all good, they send their best to you and your kitties 🐾

makeup, violence, masculinity 

@PresGas Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. And the hug 😊 Means a lot to me.



@greyor Little things like that can be so important, and GNU/Linux affords many such things to all of us. I actually gave up on KDE about a year ago, but it's just too beautiful not to use.

Great to hear that you're well, and that you're stocked up on various forms of chill! Someday you're gonna have to learn me Latin (I'm familiar w/ some very basic stuff).

Keep safe and warm, and say hi to the kitties from me (and my cat kids).

Do you regularly put descriptions on what you post (images, audio, and video)? (Alt text or otherwise)

Even better, do you make sure that what you reshare or retoot from others have descriptions too?

Either way, if you do create described content, consider requesting to join the described media list to help other folx find you.

Help make content accessible across the fediverse just by making your own posts and helping others understand what having described media be a consistent part of your posts looks like.

I'm still new to mastodon, so having more experienced users join this list to set an example and to follow for folx like me would mean a lot!

Thnx @Mayana

antiblackness / user block recommendation 


We don't deal with entitled whiteness.

So far modteam hasn't responded to our report or made a statement about it.
So we are also considering defederating from the instance if nothing is done in the upcoming days.

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