My maternal grandfather was born in 1896 - because of the wars he became a parent late in life. Like most people in my family, he was a manual labourer all his life. This was obvious just by looking at his hands. They were rugged and full of history, yet also silky smooth and extraordinary clean. Except for his subtle, physical humor and comforting laughter, his hands is what I remember the most.

He would've turned 125 today.

So a while back I started using for my day job. Primarily because it's a distro I feel can be recommended to mostly any newcomer to GNU/Linux, and so I want to get to know it as much as I can. To that end, I've done as few tweaks as possible, and most of them via -editor.

All in all, it's been a good experience. Some things bug me, like the lack of support for tray icons for 3rd party apps, but that can/will be fixed, I suppose.


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