(So sorry about the re-post - had to add screenshots.)

This is one of those moments when I can't feel anything at all, because it's just too much to grasp. For 2+yrs I've worked so intensely, each and every day, and finally I'm able to release this thing.

For better or worse, I've done it in a way I believe in. And so it's not _just_ another / theme; it's a project about the importance of customizability, and about the ethics and politics of UIs.


@hider It looks beautiful! I’ll definitely try it.

@jine Thank you! I hope you can find some use for it 💜

@hider wow, this looks *really nice*! thank you for the love and care that went into this!

@rysiek Thank YOU for saying that - really appreciate it!

@abbienormal Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Could you be a bit more specific?


sorry for being unclear

what I mean is: you say it's not just another gtk theme, rather it's about ethics and politics of UIs

How is it so ?

How is it different than a regular gtk theme ?

I watched the 2 pics but I'm not sure I understand

@abbienormal No worries, thanks for the clarification. It's a hard question to give a brief answer to, though (there's a lot more info in the various READMEs). But I'll try.

1. The theme itself is customizable - eg all colors can be changed from one (CSS) file.

2. Some standardized icon imagery, like knives & other weaponry, is unacceptable & I've worked to make alternatives to those.

3. I've also worked to make a theme that's very clear & accessible, at least wrt my own needs.

@abbienormal ☺️

Sure, you can try it. Keep in mind, tho, that it works best under GNOME v 3.38 (& previous versions), ie what's used eg on current Debian stable.
Just follow the above link ( and you'll find four different repos; one for the GTK/GNOME Shell themes, one for the icon theme, one for color schemes, and one for wallpapers.

(Btw, I'll soon be pushing some updates - a lot more color versions for the icons, among other things. Just thought I'd mention it.)


Does it solve/acknowledge the problem of GTK/Gnome constantly [expletive] the scrollbar preferences, so when you click somewhere in a scrollbar, instead of moving up a page/down a page, it jumps to somewhere random - relative to how long the data is / how far away from the "point" it decides you are located is - with NO WAY TO GET BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE? I understand that is a "theme" thing (from trying to solve it consistently for years...)

If not, do you have ANY idea how to turn that behavior off (other than the "warps slider = no" thing, apparently abandoned/removed in Gnome 4... )?

(Also, the 'warps slider' thing apparently can be ignored if the application runs from a sandbox, i.e. snap, flatpak, appimage...)

(Yes I'm quite frustrated with this, sorry to ask this way - it looks very nice... and I'd be happy to try it, but ... I need to know about the scrollbars. I use mostly keyboard, but "no we don't support keyboard" apps exist in the GTK area too...)

@Truck There are a few things wrt scrollbars I find quite annoying in GNOME (or perhaps it's a GTK thing). Not fully sure what you're referring to, tho, but I think I get it. And that's a problem, for sure.

I looked up gtk-primary-button-warps-slider in Devhelp. It should be possible to set this in a settings.ini file, eg one located in ~/.config/gtk-3.0 (should be there by default). But I'm really not sure if setting it to false helps. Maybe?
Individual applications can override this, tho.

@Truck To answer your question explicitly, I haven't specifically dealt with this particular issue. The theme prob works the same as using eg Adwaita. Sorry about that - I'd be happy to fix if I could!

I have worked quite a bit to make kbd navigation work as good as possible, tho (I go back & forth between kbd nav & using touchpad/mouse). But there's always room for improvement, of course. Also: since the theme is made to be easily customizable, it's possible you can tweak that yourself.

@hider I'll check and report back - though I don't have anything set up with it right now (mainly because it's infuriating) and I'm on break from work - but soon.
(or as soon as I encounter it again and realize "hey, there was a theme you talked about on fedi that may address this situation, and if not, someone's willing to listen for possible improvements.")


Yes, the issue is the overriding - or not reading the settings (as in the case of a sandboxed application, which can't find the setting.)

Basically, the Gnome/GTK "accessability" in this case is: "We'll let you say what you want or need, but then we will do what we want anyway."

Very, very annoying.

@Truck Yes, it really is. I've lived inside of the GNOME UI for over 2 yrs, and I was constantly amazed - and infuriated - by the sheer amount of application overrides. It fucks up a lot of things one might need or want to do. Frankly, it's the main reason I had to spend a couple of years to get things to work.

Very sorry to hear about your experiences, too. Let me know if there's anything I can do. 🍊

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